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The Man Behind the Lens



Tregg Mathis is not your ordinary success story.

His prevalent and future success will be based on one thing, God given talent. To understand this you would have to understand his passion for photography.


Starting in his early years, Tregg discovered that his aspiration to create a vision literally came to life with his camera. Tregg used his love of modeling and photography. 


With a healthy combination of drive, talent, and hard work, Tregg decided that photography was the profession for him. Blending all of these talents, Mathis Entertainment Photography was born in 2012, harnessing an ever growing association of clients. The only direction MATHIS ENTERTAINMENT is going is up. With talent such as his... there is no doubt that Tregg is on his way to becoming one of Charlotte's Elite photographer.


Look at a photo by Tregg and you will experience history in the making. They say "The only constant in life is change" and in the world of photography Tregg Mathis embodies the ability and vision to make that change happen.

Tregg Mathis


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