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Mathis Entertainment Wedding Experience

The Experience

Why Mathis Entertainment Photography

If the last thing you want to look back on after your wedding day is an album filled with forced smiles and canned poses, you're in good company. Our specialty is photojournalism, the art of capturing a story through photos, and artificial isn't in our vocabulary. On your day, most of our attention will be on the real tears and spontaneous smiles that occur organically throughout the day. Even the must-have portraits your family is craving will look natural and organic because we've crafted some unconventional methods for evoking true emotion at the most unexpected times.


Choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal. This is who determines the way your day is captured forever. That's why you deserve to get to know us...really know us...before you make your decision. Fill in the form below to get instant access to our online calendar where you can pick a time to meet and see if we're the team for you.

The Experience

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